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L’Égérie, C.A.P. financier Inc, founded more than 25 years ago, is an accounting office specializing in the development of Financial Software solutions as well as being a very active consultant in financial control and the management of small businesses and professionals.

Thanks to a very tight collaboration between the different members of our group (programmers-analysts, accountants, lawyers, notaries, taxists, financial planners, investment advisers and insurance), we are able to offer you the best of services in order to Satisfy your needs and help you confront your challenges.

In order to always do better for our clientele, avant-garde business in its field of activity, has always been involved in the development and use of computer tools at the cutting edge of the Technology such as the “InfogesTime 2000 ©” series and the accounting software Executive“.

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Time management

Multi-disciplinary control at your service, when needed with a “decision-making” system that will help to free valuable time.


Great service thanks to a very strong cooperation between our different professionals.


Consultation and decision-making support for automating your management operations.

Business integration

Design and development of tailor-made solutions for the integration of new or already existing systems.

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