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1.0 Publication:

The site www.legerie-e.com is published by :
L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.

2.0 Legal information:

You are visiting the website of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.(hereinafter www.legerie-e.com). The following legal notice applies to all Internet users visiting this site.  We thank you to read carefully these mentions before any access to the following pages of the site.

The Site was created by L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.(webmasters@legerie-e.com.com).   The information gathered in this Site is only intended for an institutional presentation of the activities of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. reserves the right to modify the content of the Site at any time and without notice. L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. shall not be held responsible for the consequences of such changes. Similarly, L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. reserves the right to interrupt or suspend all or part of the functionalities of the Site at any time and without prior notice, except those relating to regulated information as defined in Article 3 below.

Access to and use of this Site are subject to the following terms and conditions as well as to the legal provisions in force. By accessing the Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms.

3.0 Information on the Site:

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. provides this information for informational purposes only.

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. guarantees the accuracy and currency of the regulated information. However, for information other than Regulated Information, although GestionL’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. makes every effort to check and update the information on the site, but does not guarantee its accuracy, precision, timeliness or completeness.

Therefore L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. declines all responsibility for any damage resulting in particular from an imprecision or inaccuracy of the information available on the Site, other than the Regulated Information, or for any damage resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party on the Site with the intention of harming the interests or the image of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.in particular by distorting the information listed on the Site.

Use of the Site is at your sole risk. In no case, the responsibility of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. shall not be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, infection by viruses, loss of data or programs, loss of use of your computer equipment (including but not limited to software, hard drives or any other system), financial loss arising out of or in connection with the use of the Site.

4.0 Intellectual Property :

Some of the images, information in the broadest sense, trademarks, logos and domain names appearing on the Site may be covered by Canadian and international legislation concerning intellectual property rights and copyright. They are the property of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. or are the subject of an authorization for use.   Any use in the form of reproduction, modification, computer loading, distortion, transmission or distribution, in part or in full, of a document or information appearing on the Site is strictly forbidden without the prior written authorization of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. with the exception of a copy for private and non-commercial use and subject to the respect of intellectual property rights and any other property rights mentioned.

The following notice must appear on any copy of all or part of the content of the Site : ‘’Copyright 2022. L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. all rights reserved’’

Any transfer or license of one of the elements of the Site is subject to the prior written authorization of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. Any offender may be subject to legal action. Furthermore, any offender agrees to guarantee and indemnify L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc. for all proceedings, costs and expenses incurred by L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier Inc.  following the use of the Site in violation of this legal notice.

5.0 Links to other sites:

In order to facilitate access to other sites likely to provide additional information, L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. Inserted a number of links in its site. Nevertheless, the responsibility of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. can not be engaged under a third party site to which you would have access via our site. L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. does not have any means of controlling the contents of these third party sites. In any case, L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. Is not responsible for the unavailability of sites, content, advertising or other items available on third party sites.

External sites may contain hypertext links pointing to our site. Such a link can not be installed without the prior and written consent of L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc.


The site and its content are created in accordance with the rules applicable in Canada.

7.0 Computing and Freedoms / Protection of Personal Data

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. undertakes to respect the confidential nature of the personal information provided by the visitors of the Legere-e.com.com website.

You will find below the type of information that L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. is able to collect when you visit its website, as well as how they will be used later.

8.0 Passive Collection of Personal Data

Some of the personal data recorded on our server are the ones you deliver voluntarily when you fill out online forms, and the others are collected automatically.

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. will do everything possible to regularly improve its site. During your visit, some data are collected automatically:

– Your IP address: An IP address is assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider to allow you to access Nordet. This address is generally considered not personally identifiable information because it changes each time you connect.

– Your login when browsing the restricted parts.

– The website address from which you are directly connected to legere-e.com.com website. The date and time of your visit on the site and the pages you consulted.

– the operating system of your computer and the navigation software.>

– The Internet website of L’Egerie, C.A.P financier Inc. does not use persistent cookies residing on your hard drive. Some services of the website use a session cookie, generated on the occasion of the visit and destroyed automatically at the end of the visit or after 30 minutes of inactivity on your part.


L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. Will not use the data collected to meet the requests of site visitors, meet the functions of the courier programs and report to visitors the novelties or new services on the website that if the visitors expressly give it the authorization.

L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. Use only personal data for the purposes you have been indicated when you have provided them. The personal data you have provided or resulting from your browsing on the website are reserved for strictly internal use in L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. Personal data will not be the subject of any commercial exploitation and will not be transmitted to anyone for commercial purposes or commercial prospecting.


L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. has put in place dedicated resources to securely store personal information to avoid losses, alterations or hacks. Storage systems are only accessible by a limited number of authorized persons.

 11.0 Access to personal data>

In order to allow the use of customization functions, you will be asked to provide personal data (name, address, email address). You are quite free to refuse to transmit such data. However, it is possible that you do not be able to access certain functions or receive the requested information.

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computer science, files and freedoms, on simple request from you and whatever the moment, the L’Egerie, C.A.P. financier inc. will remove or change the personal data you provided to it. If you want to access your personal data, modify them, rectify or request the deletion, please send your request by mail to muse